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Wall Mount Fireplaces

Our Selection of Wall Mount fireplace models offer the warmth and ambiance of a traditional fireplace. Select from various styles and colors . You will find both Classic and traditional Wall Mount Fireplace designs in copper, silver, Black and , arched top which, l compliment any room décor in your home. The Wall Mount Gel Fireplace offers space saving designs, ideal for apartments, lofts, condominiums, and homes. Our Wall Mount Fireplaces plug in to any standard electrical outlet

Ivory White Wall-Mounted Fireplace
Ivory White Wall-Mounted Fireplace$499.00$299.00
Forte 40 Recessed Fireplace
Forte 40" Recessed Fireplace$799.00$499.00
Onyx Black Wall-Mounted Fireplace
Onyx Black Wall-Mounted Fireplace$499.00$299.00
Sideline Flush Mount Fireplace
Sideline Flush Mount Fireplace$799.00$499.00
Sideline 60
Sideline 60" Recessed Electric Fireplace$1,099.00$699.00
Sideline Steel 50
Sideline Steel 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace$849.00$549.00
Sideline 36
Sideline 36" Recessed Electric Fireplace$669.00$419.00
Sideline 72
Sideline 72" Recessed Electric Fireplace$1,849.00$1,199.00
Sideline Outdoor/Indoor 50
Sideline Outdoor/Indoor 50" Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace$999.00$599.00
AudioFlare Stainless 50
AudioFlare Stainless 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace$999.00$599.00
Sideline 45
Sideline 45" Recessed Electric Fireplace$739.00$489.00
Onyx Stainless 50
Onyx Stainless 50" Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace$519.00$379.00
Sideline 40
Sideline 40" Recessed Electric Fireplace$709.00$459.00
Sideline White 50
Sideline White 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace$799.00$499.00
Sideline 100 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace
Sideline 100" Recessed Electric Fireplace$3,099.00$1,599.00
Chesmont 50
Chesmont 50" Wall Mount Electric Fireplace$1,199.00$899.00
Chesmont Black 50
Chesmont Black 50" Wall Mount Electric Fireplace$1,199.00$899.00
AudioFlare Black Glass 50
AudioFlare Black Glass 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace$999.00$599.00
Sideline Elite 50
Sideline Elite 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace$1,399.00$899.00
Emblazon 50
Emblazon 50" Linear Electric Fireplace$1,699.00$1,299.00
Emblazon 60
Emblazon 60" Linear Electric Fireplace$1,899.00$1,399.00
Emblazon 72
Emblazon 72" Linear Electric Fireplace$2,499.00$1,899.00
Emblazon 96
Emblazon 96" Linear Electric Fireplace$2,999.00$2,299.00
Sideline 28
Sideline 28" Recessed Electric Fireplace$539.00$349.00
Sideline 84 Inch Recessed Electric Fireplace
Sideline 84" Recessed Electric Fireplace$2,299.00$1,399.00
Fury 50
Fury 50" Recessed Electric Fireplace$1,099.00$699.00
Sideline Elite 42 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace
Sideline Elite 42" Recessed Electric Fireplace$1,149.00$749.00
Sideline Elite 60 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace
Sideline Elite 60" Recessed Electric Fireplace$1,999.00$1,199.00
Sideline Elite 72 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace
Sideline Elite 72" Recessed Electric Fireplace$2,599.00$1,499.00
Sideline Elite 100 inch Recessed Electric Fireplace
Sideline Elite 100" Recessed Electric Fireplace$3,499.00$1,999.00
Wall Mount Fireplaces come in several space saving designs