Emblazon 96
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Emblazon 96" Linear Electric Fireplace

$2,299.00 $2,999.00 You Save $700.00
Item # 80134/80104
Placed below a large flat screen TV, the 96-inch wide Emblazon offers visual appeal and a clean install, aligning nicely with a big screen TV. The 96" model is also great for large meeting rooms, corporate foyers and restaurants.

Product Highlights

  • 96 inch frame-less design for in-wall placement
  • Affordable alternative to linear gas fireplaces in wall-length installations
  • Ideal for placement under large size flat screen TVs
  • Touchstone's unmatched realistic natural flame
  • Perfect for new construction or renovation projects.
  • Adds heat to a space up to 400 square feet.
  • Uses LED lights for low energy usage. Cool to the touch.


The Emblazon 96 from Touchstone™ is a wall-length, electric linear fireplace, which has Touchstone's unmatched flame in a frame-less design. Perfect for placement under large size flat screen TVs, the Emblazon 96 incorporates the look of a linear, modern fireplace in an efficient electric model. The landscape design is a perfect alternative to linear gas fireplaces, and is ideal for new building and renovation projects. They can be custom built to run the entire length of a wall, in the size of your choice. When placed in a larger room, the Emblazon Series gives the location a unique look, and has the impact of a large linear gas fireplace without the maintenance. The streamlined design of the Emblazon 96 gives you the versatility to add these large format electric fireplaces seamlessly in any space.

Create a unique view experience

Just like newer flat screen TVs, these fireplaces have frameless designs for edge to edge flames, so they can fit in a mantle or built-in cabinet without much wasted space. Placed below a large format flat screen, these fireplaces create a clean install and visual appeal that fits the size of a much larger television. The 96" model is also great for large meeting rooms, corporate foyers and restaurants.

Featuring heating function

The Emblazon 96 linear electric fireplace has a heating element that will add warmth to a room up to 400 square feet. The heater isn't designed to be the sole heater for a room, but will warm up a drafty room and take the edge off a cool morning or evening. Models without heat are available via special order. The total heat is 5,118 BTUs, and runs on a standard 110V electric plug.

The most realistic flame

The LED flame technology from Touchstone™ is so realistic that you'll find friends and family nervous about getting too close to the flame. Customers often have commented about the realism of the Touchstone™ flames, and how they can mistake them for gas fireplaces. The realism comes from the unique Touchstone™ flame and logset, which is unmatched in other electric fireplaces. Looking for a larger size? Just ask.

  • Color: Black
  • Style: has updated

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