Manufacturer - California Outdoor Concepts Setup Instructions

Your Outdoor Entertainment Center includes:

  • Wrought Iron Base structure (combo unit includes two (2) pieces, GFRC base with wrought Iron insert)
  • Natural Stone Top
  • Stainless Steel Grill
  • Stainless Steel Drink Cooler
  • Stainless Steel Retainer Ring

Important Read this before you begin

Begin your setup by opening each container and removing all packaging material to insure you have received all of the above parts. Your center is designed to be easily setup by two mature persons capable of lifting up to two hundred (200) pounds when working in tandem. Each item should be moved individually. Care should be taken to move each item slowly. Do not drag your Entertainment Center across your concrete or wooden deck. This could t or scratch the finish.

Setup Steps:

  1. Carefully locate the base on a clean, level surface. This should be your permanent location.
  2. Center the stainless steel retainer ring over the inside ring of the base structure.
  3. Carefully center your stone tabletop over the retainer ring.
  4. Place your grill body assemble within the retainer ring.
  5. Align the tabs on the grill assembly with the clips on the retainer ring and turn clockwise to secure the grill body. Make sure all three (3) tabs are secured within the clips.
  6. Follow the directions found in your instruction manual to compete the assembly of your grill.
  7. To use the drink cooler, rotate the grill body counter clockwise and remove the grill from the retainer ring. Place the drink cooler on the retainer ring.

You have now completed the setup of your Entertainment Center.

If you purchased the optional granite side table, the granite centerpiece of your side table may be used with your grill table whenever the grill assembly is cool or while the drink cooler is installed. damage the supporting fee